Our Story

We can all agree that this year has had some serious ups and downs for the Beauty and Health Industry. The one great thing that came out of this craziness is our journey to develop the Skin Wand Pro.

It all started with COVID. In the beginning of the shut downs I was struggling to keep two locations open, bills paid, and most of all keep my sanity for my families sake. The one thing that kept me afloat was creating custom “Facial Bundles” with my private label skincare. I had consumers from all over requesting these Bundles along with a Virtual Consultation. My days were filled with consults with consumers that wanted that extra kick I couldn’t provide unless my treatment rooms were open. We all have those clients that are willing to become sneaky ninjas just to receive those treatments that create massive change. I didn’t want to risk my license, my career, and my livelihood. So began the brainstorm of a lifetime.

In my career I’ve noticed that skincare products can only go so far in creating perfect skin. When I’d have a client hit a plateau, I would respond with “Once I open back up, we will do an amazing Nano on your skin to jump start it back into renewal”. Why do I need to wait? Why can’t there be a nano safe for client home use? Why does this not exist?

NOW an At-Home Nano exists. The Skin Wand Pro is for home use and can maximize current spa treatments or help take your skincare regimen to the next level with a safe and gentle technique developed by a professional licensed Esthetician. Skin Wand Pro is user friendly and can be done once a week with no downtime for tremendous results that you won’t find with just skincare alone. The Skin Wand Pro also comes with lifetime professional education that will aid in you mastering the art of Nano Channeling at home.

Thank you for choosing The Skin Wand Pro.

-Jessica Cooley