The Skin Wand Pro is an At-Home Nano Channeling Device that is taking the Beauty World by storm. This device can be used up to 3 times a week to maximize in-house treatments or amp up your homecare routine.

The Skin Wand Pro was developed during a time of shutdowns due to COVID-19. My clients were having issues with plateauing and or needing a little extra umf to their skincare regimen.

All aspects of The Skin Wand Pro are about safety and effectiveness that doesn’t take away from in-house treatments, but in fact, amplify them.

The Skin Wand Pro is an ergonomically friendly device that clients can safely use with training from a licensed professional. The Skin Wand Pro contains a Nano chip inside the cartridge that creates micro channels in skin that trigger the inflammation response ultimately beginning the healing process.

The difference between Microneedling and Nano channeling is DEPTH. Microneedling causes “Controlled” injury to the skin creating a healing response. The depth for Microneedling can begin at 1.0 mm and can go as far as 2.5 mm. Microneedling goes beyond the Epidermal/Dermal Junction and that is where bleeding begins. Cartridges can come with 12 -36 surgical needle heads. Microneedling is ONLY for those working under an MD

Nano Channeling causes “Controlled” Inflammation by creating microchannels in the skin at a depth of .25 mm to .75 mm. Nano Channeling still triggers healing response but at a more superficial level. There is no bleeding since you are only working within the Epidermis. Nano channeling cartridges come with a Nano plate that has pyramids that punch through to create the channels. In most states, Estheticians can perform Nano Channeling without an MD.