Nanotechnology In the Treatment Room & At Home


Nanotechnology in the form or Nano Channeling/Needling is taking over the Beauty World due to its amazing results and little downtime.

Nano Channeling is basically the little sister to MicroNeedling which is, in South Carolina, a medical/advanced Esthetic treatment that must have a medical professional or medical director in house. We all know that this treatment consists of numbing, use of surgical steel needled cartridges, and downtime of a few days depending on depth. I love using the analogy of aerating your grass. To get new plump baby grass to grow, you need to punch holes in your lawn allowing that brand new baby grass to flourish. Same for the skin. If you’re wanting plump new baby skin to be created, you need to trigger the healing response by creating controlled injury. This process allows for new skin cells to be created and flourish, giving a more youthful appearance.

Nano Channeling is more like creating “Channels” in the skin directing product penetration and also creating controlled inflammation. What is “Controlled Inflammation”? This is where we deliberately cause just enough inflammation to trigger the healing response. Inflammation is pink/red and warm/hot due to blood vessels opening to allow for more blood to reach injured areas. The skin believes it’s injured, so it goes to work healing itself and inflammation is part of the process.

When it comes to home care devices, we don’t want our clients to be able to duplicate what we do in the treatment room. This could cause adverse effects that could ultimately add to our original plan. So, if there was a way, we could ensure the safety of our clients yet enabling them to continue care at home, let’s do it!

The Skin Wand Pro is one of those devices that can help empower your clients to go home and target areas of concern or maintain in-office treatment results. This device doesn’t replace the professional grade Nano due to its DEPTH. Professional depth has been shown to begin at a .25 nm depth. Skin Wand Pro is a depth of .15. This depth is superficial enough to NOT cause harm, yet it still has enough to create minimal inflammation.

Don’t be afraid to empower your client by sending them home with a device to handle on their own. Instead of fighting the system of counterfeit devices, Work with it by providing a device that YOU KNOW is safe and still effective. Your client will thank you for it.

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